Caprera – windy island of scents

Hello there Cuties!
My holiday in the Mediterranean sea turned out to be shorter than expected. I knew that there weren’t going to be any sand beaches but in the four days we stayed there, we didn’t manage to go swimming even once! The very few descents to the sea were steep and you had to walk for hours on small paths – we even saw a serpent and a rabbit – just to discover the next beautiful and wild but not very inviting bay. It was all not very large rocks and full with sea urchins. Anyway, the place was stunning and we did some trecking instead of the ususal beach stuff.

The island is one of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, and has about 400 inhabitants. There’s two grocery stores, a gelateria, one bus that does a distance of about 1km and that’s about it. After the second day I was already so fed up with the island that I regretted to have actually come to that place. But on the other hand, I nevertheless got pretty tanned while trampling around on dusty trails and I really enjoyed taking pictures of the unique nature around me. :hoshi: Every shrub, tree and flower smelled different and very intensly.

Since it was quite torturing for me, standing in front of the sea but not being able to go in, we decided to leave. I’m a little disappointed but I will hopefully find some other destination as soon as possible. Any recommendations? Maybe a little more touristy but also slightly more comfortable. :jupp: I don’t mind going camping at all as long as the sea is cristal clear and the weather sunny but Capraia was rough!! Even if there have been a few sunny days, it’s still far away from being summer in Switzerland and I really don’t feel the same about lakes so it has to be near the ocean!

So… what are you up to this summer? Lying on the beach or city trips? I have quite some things coming up but I’ll tell more about in a later entry~ Also, I finally had the courage to open my blog reader… sooo many blogposts I missed!! I just took at glimpse at a few blogspots and was amazed by the new layouts and awesome topics! Can’t wait to finally be back in the blogopshere. I’ll give my best to start feeding my readers with quality images again, deeper texts than this one.. and *crosses fingers* some new surprises! :bang:

Take care & have a nice sunday~

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