Wolves, Capricorns & a very sick me

Hello Sweet Peas! :bling:
How have you been? I’ve been pretty busy with being ill the last week and to be honest I’m still not me again. I feel like a feathery ghost wandering the appartment and settling my bed. I hate being ill! It’s unbearable.. :sigh:
Last Sunday however we went to a wild park and whereas the weather wasn’t as sunny as it could have we enjoyed it a lot!

I haven’t been to a Zoo in ages because I wouldn’t be able to stand the view of imprisoned animals. The last time I’ve been to a Zoo was in Japan (so over 3 years ago!) and I still remember how terrified I was when I saw the cute otters rushing from one corner to the other without ever stopping. :bang:
I got really angry that time and told a staff that I wanted to speak with the director because I’m a journalist from Switzerland (obviously that’s not true) but he just looked at me with big eyes and incomprehension. After a while however an other man came and said that they’re very well aware of the circumstances in their Zoo and that they were planning on making it more comfortable for the animals.

I can get rather upset and sad in such situations because I know that I stand no chance against a Japanese Zoo/Aquarium keeper but I know that several people saw and heard my complaints about the poorly treated otters and dolphins and that maybe the one or the other will think about it. It was at the Otaru Aquarium おたる水族館 in Hokkaidō by the way.. :snif:
Anyway, in a wild park the animals have much more space and that’s why I like them better. Of course you won’t see any Tropical animals since we’re in Switzerland here but I enjoyed it nevertheless and was rather impressed by the native animals. Who totally got me under their spell were the wolves. :oh:

If you have a sensitive stomach, skip the next two images! :omnom:

This was our Bento! A little sneak peak but I will show you the whole in my next entry :ha: ..

The Langenberg wild park is located in the Sihl Valley and is for free! I was rather surprised about the second fact..
I would like to start writing also shorter and more random entries again but I’m always concerned they could be too boring for you. Little impressions of my daily life and random thoughts and notes.. I would really like to do that! There are still many things I haven’t told you about yet but I will do so in one of my next entries! Just one little thing… I cut my hair real short! :bang: haha.. I was fed up with all that hair so I decided out of hand to cut it! Stay tuned sweet peas! :aiyo:
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