Wreckful Cat

Hello there dear Readers & Bloggers! :hello:
Just a teeny tiny update with few words and lots of pics~ I can’t wait to finish my exams but for now I’m stuck behind my books while everyone else seems to be going on holiday… :crying: What about you? are you going anyplace special this summer? I’ve spent a few days in the countryside with the intention to study but since the Internet thing turned out to be more complicated than what I had expected, I came back because I need the world wide web to look up things and stay in touch with you guys!.. and err.. there were too many distracting activities.. :nope: but see for yourself!
Sooo.. sit back and enjoy the picture fload cutie pies :on:

1. Lake Marmorera 2. thank you for the zooM! 3. sleeping under marguerites 4. evening mood 5. Engines 6. birch bark 7. gnarly tree 8. clear water 9. Hop 10. Akatsuki 11. striking red fruits 12. meat, cheese, butter & bread 13. shroom 14. Huge mosquito..o.O 15. grilled meat… 16. Nina taking a bath :)

Isn’t that mosquito in the last line huge?!? Fortunately it was already dead when Silvankun found him.. Mosquitoes love to suck my blood! :oh:

This is an outfit I wore some time ago. As you can see, I try to keep it simple… I’m totally in love with peter pan collars! And I wore “orange” lipstick for the first time. The shade is so pretty that I’m probably going to review it. :klimper:

What do you think? Do you like it? It’s getting really tight with my study plan so I should get back to it… Have a nice evening Beauties! I hope I will be able to update in August but I can’t promise it.

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